The TPM training of the pelvic floor

The PelviCenter QRS is a medical device that realizes a completely new option for easy, higly efficient pelvic floor exercise.

Strong magnetic impulses stimulate rhytmic contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor and the surrounding region; these contractions exercise the respective muscles in a way that is not possible throught one's own exercise. In addition to the pelvic floor itself, the hip, buttock and tight muscles are also intensively exercised.


Quadruple therapy

Quadruple therapy

The pelvic floor is composed of an intricate structure of muscles and sphincter closures that play an important role in urination, defecation, erectile functions and ability to orgasm. The nerves and blood circulation in this muscle group are intensively stimulated with PelviCenter

This non-invasive treatment uses a magnetic field to pass without hindrance through clothing and into the body.



The application is made fully dressed in a comfortable position. A session lasts 25 minutes.

During the treatment, the patient takes advantage of a light therapy of 10'000 lux against stress and integrated oxygen to activate muscles and blood circulation as well as an anti-stress program for regeneration and prevention.


What are the possible areas of application?

  • The Pelvicenter is a completely new option for highly efficient pelvic floor exercises. Therefore, all areas of application for pelvic floor exercise may represent a treatment option and can generally be taken into consideration by attending physicians.


  • Female incontinence - in particular stress incontinence
  • Male incontinence - in particularly after radical prostatectomy
  • Bowel incontinence - regardless of gender


  • Before a pregnancy
  • After a pregnancy
  • Before urological surgery
  • Sexual function
  • Erctile dysfunction
  • Sexual feeling
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